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It's our 19th year... we're pleased to present the My Sport Web - BCS Football Pool for the 2022 bowl championship series. Here, you'll easily manage your  Football Pool with your  players based upon your  options. Register a Confidence  or Pick 'em  style Football Pool. Your players have access to your pool to enter series picks. Picks can be entered up to your established Cutoff, then a Spread Sheet of player's picks is generated for your pool. As the games are played the Spread Sheet is automatically updated reflecting points collected for correctly predicted games. Points are tracked for your players and totaled for the series. As pool manager you can also broadcast a Message to your players, allow your players to maintain an interactive Message Board, and track the Accounting of your pool. The cost for this service is only USD $30 for the full series (allowing up to 50 players in your pool... $25 more for each additional 50 players). Special discount: $5 off to managers who played in a 2022 NFL Pool!  There is a 4-game free  trial period with no obligation... so register your pool today!  

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Confidence = Games weighted by point value 1 -thru- number of games in your pool. Players collect point values for correctly picked games. Play with or without the published point spread.
Pick 'em = All games worth 1 point (no weighting). Players collect 1 point for each correctly picked game. Play with or without the published point spread.
Cutoff!  Allow Players to enter & edit picks until...

Players may enter, and edit their picks up to your pool's Cutoff. After the Cutoff a "Spread Sheet" of picks is automatically available to the Players of your pool.
How many hours ahead of first weekly game kickoff can players view Spread Sheet? If set, this will allow Players to view Spread Sheet before your pool's Cutoff, but weekly picks are still due by the Cutoff.

Optional... leave blank or set to 0 hours for viewing Spread Sheet immediately after Cutoff.
As Pool Manager, will you also participate as a Player in this Pool?
Default is: Yes.
Spread Sheet text Colors for Player's Points.
Games Won
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Default color is: Blue.
Preferred method to sort and display Players on the Spread Sheet and Series Standings.
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