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UltraTails - Adventures in running, mostly from the trails -but- some from the roads! 


September 2006 - Another flatlander recap this time of the 2006 Wasatch Front 100 - One Hundred Miles of Heaven and Hell.

August 2006 - It's a high altitude recap of the 2006 Leadville Trail 100 - The Race Across the Sky.

July 2006 - Two  recaps of the picturesque human & horse race from the muddy trails of Vermont.

June 2006 - A flatlander's perspective of the hot & dusty trails of the 2006 Western States 100 mile endurance run.

June 2006 - Recap of the Greater Chicago Running Team  from the roads & trails of the 2006 Great Midwest Relay.

June 2005 - Recap from the snowy & dusty trails of the 2005 Western States 100 mile endurance run.

April 2005 - Recapping the Illinois ultra trail runs of McNaughton Park - 10 Mile, 30 Mile, 50 Mile, and 100 Mile.

April 2005 - Spring version of the Chicago Lakefront 50K. Recap by Wisconsin runner, Mary Gorski.

August 2004 - Chicago teams return  to Oregon for the Hood to Coast relay. Recap by Captain, Adrian Campbell.

July 2004 - Recapping the picturesque human & horse race of Vermont.

December 2003 - Three intrepid Riis Park Striders road trip to neighboring Indiana for this mid-winter's run. Recap by Lew Bischoffer.

August 2003 - Chicago teams head to Oregon for the Hood to Coast relay.

June 2003 - Recap from the dusty trail of the 2003 Western States 100 mile endurance run.

May 2003 - 22nd Ice Age Trail 50 mile race.

April 2003 - Trail Mix 25 & 50 kilometer races in Minnesota.

April 2003 - Not actually a race but a reunion of the championship winning cross country team.

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