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2003 H U F F - Huntington, IN - Saturday December 27th ...ęCopyright Lew Bischoffer

On Dec. 16 my friend Bill sent me this email:

Lew, How've you been?
Solo 5:23 mile after some days off is impressive - way to go.
This is crazy but I just registered for the Huff:
It's a fifty kilometer run December 27th. They also feature a one lap race (~10.8 miles). It sure would be fun if you were interested in going and racing with me (hint)! 
Hope you're enjoying the holidays, etc... -Bill

    I emailed back in the affirmative, since I need to get ready for the Las Vegas Marathon. Then I found out that registration for the *HUFF* was closed. I emailed Bill, Bill emailed me and Mitch, who I think is the race director, and Mitch emailed me, and online registration was reopened; problem solved. TGFDC (Thank God for Debit Cards). Online registration was opened again later for our friend Bruce, who also went.
    Bruce and I met at Bill's in Chicago and we took turns driving. We stopped at the church to pick up the packets, and then we ate at the most happenin' place in town, Pizza Hut. Then we went and checked in at our rooms at La Quinta Inn. Then we slept and woke up. Then we had breakfast. Then we went to the 50K and ran it. Here is my running log entry of that day for those who only like raw data:

  Saturday, December 27, 2003
  50.00 Kilometer Race in 5:08:54, (9:56.55 minutes/mile pace)
"Huff 50k" (Huntington Ultra Frigid Fifty)" - The course was about 1 1/2 miles longer than a 50k, which is supposed to be 31 miles. There were 3 laps through fairly hilly trails. Each lap was 10.33 miles (really around 10.8 miles each). The Temperature was in the low 20s at race start, but in the 40s at race end, which made for a muddy third lap. There were 229 finishers for the 50k. I was the only one smart enough to wear spikes. Here are the results for us 3 Striders that took the trip to Huntington, Indiana: Bill Thom ... 62nd Overall ... Splits = 1:36:08 + 1:42:37 + 1:49:25 = 5:08:10 (9:56 pace) *** Lew Bischoffer ... 65th Overall ... Splits = 1:39:54 + 1:40:36 + 1:48:22 = 5:08:54 (9:57 pace) *** Bruce Svoboda ... 105th Overall ... Splits = 1:46:31 + 1:50:24 + 2:04:58 = 5:41:53 (11:01 pace). Bruce took it slow, because he wanted to be one with nature, and he fell twice. ..... Quote of the Day: "Hey Hey, My My, 50ks will never die. There's more to the picture than meets the eye. Hey Hey, My My." - From the song *The Trail and the Damage Done* by Neil Run -
  Day Totals
  Ultra 31.07 Miles
  1 UltraRace of 31.07 Miles

    It all may sound rather boring, but it was a fun weekend for me.
- Lew Bischoffer (freelance writer) -

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